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Youth Leads UK has teamed up with Bolton CVS to give more young people a seat at the funding decisions table. As a Volunteer Grant Assessor, you’ll play a role in driving positive change within your community by deciding which projects get funding. This unique opportunity not only gives you the chance to contribute meaningfully to local projects but also helps your personal and professional growth. Whether you’re looking to develop new skills, connect with inspiring individuals, or gain valuable insights into community development, volunteering as a grant assessor is a fulfilling way to make a real difference.

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I never realised how impactful my voice could be until I joined as a Volunteer Grant Assessor. It has given me a unique perspective on community needs and the satisfaction of knowing I’m part of positive change. The experience has been incredibly empowering and has greatly boosted my confidence.

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- Sarah, 21 Volunteer Grant Assessor
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What to expect

Make a Difference in Your Community

As a Volunteer Grant Assessor, you’ll have a direct hand in shaping the future of Bolton’s community. Your decisions on grant allocations will support vital local projects and initiatives, offering a tangible way to contribute positively to society.

This role provides a unique opportunity to develop crucial skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, and effective communication. These are invaluable in any career path, providing a solid foundation for your professional journey. By reviewing various grant applications, you’ll gain a deeper insight into the needs and challenges faced by your local community. This awareness is crucial for work in community development, social action, and public service.

Being part of the Bolton CVS network allows you to meet and collaborate with a diverse group of people. These networks can be instrumental in your personal and professional growth, expanding your horizons and opening doors to new possibilities.

No experience in grant assessing is needed, as lots of training is provided. This equips you with the knowledge and confidence to effectively review and score applications, ensuring a high standard of grant allocation.

You’ll spend 2-3 hours per month reading applications, scoring them and taking part in discussions with fellow panel members.

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Becoming a Volunteer Grant Assessor has been a game-changer for me. It’s not just about reviewing applications; it’s about understanding the heartbeat of our community. Every meeting and decision feels like I’m contributing to something bigger than myself. The skills and insights I’ve gained here are invaluable.

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- Hasan, 18 Volunteer Grant Assessor
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More Info

Applications are now open.

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Who are Bolton CVS?

Bolton CVS (Community and Voluntary Services) is a charity focused on strengthening the local voluntary and community sector. They support community groups and charities with grant administration, training, and advocacy, ensuring impactful contributions to the Bolton community.


What is a Volunteer Grant Assessor?

A Volunteer Grant Assessor helps decide where community funding goes. You’ll check out grant applications, score them, and have a say in which projects get the green light. It’s a cool way to have a real impact in your community, make fair choices, and see amazing ideas come to life!

As a Grant Assessor, you play a pivotal role in shaping our community’s future. No prior experience? No worries! We provide comprehensive training to get you up to speed.


Are you excited to contribute to the growth of Bolton’s community and develop invaluable skills? 

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    Your details will be kept on file for six months after you apply and will only be used to contact you about youth opportunities and Youth Leads activities.

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