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Joining Youth Leads gives you a chance to develop your skills, realise your potential and create positive change in your community!

We believe in equal opportunities and are trying to remove as many barriers to youth development as possible. We will reimburse any cost you have incurred during your participation in Youth Leads activities.

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Youth Leads has helped my social skills a lot. I didn’t think I was confident enough to speak to people and I found it hard to leave the house. Just being able to interact with people is now a lot easier. Volunteering has changed my life and now I have got a job that I love because I’ve been able to develop myself.

- Jacob
Alisha Quote

Volunteering for Youth Leads has given me the opportunity to engage with my community, whilst learning valuable skills at the same time. From organising a community project to writing my own article, I was able to holistically address social problems. Working alongside some amazing people on countless projects provided me with a huge sense of fulfilment. Most of all, Youth Leads enabled me to step outside of my comfort zone and get involved in opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to pursue.

Alisha Quote
- Alisha
Taha Quote

During my time at Youth Leads I took part in many activities such as writing an article for their magazine and be a part of their social action project. These were amazing opportunities that allowed me to become more confident and help make a change locally.

Taha Quote
- Taha
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