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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Sixth Form

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College is definitely different to how I expected it to be – don’t get me wrong it isn’t that bad, but it’s certainly been challenging. I’m a student who is about to go into my second year, and these are a few things I wish I were told before joining last September.

A-levels are a massive jump from GCSEs

I know teachers at high school always say that college is better than school and that you’ll have an amazing time, but they are just buttering it up- it’s difficult. A-levels are one of the hardest parts of the UK education.

When they say it’s fun – that’s true and false

Yes, you make friends and go out and socialise more. But there is also so much work you actually have to put in. I recommend starting your revision from September as I did. Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Give yourself time

Create yourself a timetable and give yourself time to get to college. Also, if you have a long way to walk to different buildings, set off early. At Bury college, they have hard starts and easy endings to classes, so you start on time but leave the lesson ten minutes early to get to other buildings.

Don’t skip class and stay in bed

8/10 tutors don’t go over things twice until the end of the year, and that’s no use. For example, in sociology, we go through booklets and don’t go over that section again unless it’s revision.

Try to make an effort and meet new people.

Not everyone at college is nice I’ll be honest but the odd few are, and some are so lovely. On the other hand, don’t forget about the people at high school – even though they do say they will keep in touch, I honestly doubt it.

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