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Care Experienced Leadership Programme

Join us on this transformative journey towards personal growth, leadership development, and a brighter future.

Through a combination of interactive workshops, engaging activities, and mentorship opportunities, this programme aims to equip care-experienced young people with the tools they need to thrive in various aspects of life. We believe in their potential to impact the world positively, and we are here to give guidance and support every step of the way.

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My experience with Youth Leads has been amazing. It has provided me with a wealth of opportunities, including being on the interview panel for the newly appointed Children’s Commissioner. It was extremely interesting and was truly an honour to share my voice. We interviewed applicants and spoke to senior politicians. I would recommend Youth Leads to anyone who wants to be more involved in their community as this is a great way to get ourselves heard!

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- Megan
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Get the skills you need for your dream job and gain a competitive edge as you prepare for future opportunities. Engage in sessions covering CV and cover letter writing, interview skills, workplace skills and job application procedures.

You’ll visit high-rise headquarters and offices and meet industry leaders working across different fields. They’ll tell you about their career journey and give you advice on how to get ahead.  You’ll get to ask as many questions as you like to satisfy your curiosity and take away a useful resource from each day.

Gain essential knowledge in managing money effectively and building a solid foundation for financial well-being. Learn about budgeting, saving, investing, and other things that can secure your financial success.

Uncover the power of social action and its ability to help with issues that are local to you. Develop your problem-solving and leadership skills as you plan and carry out your own social action project to make an impact in your community.

Discover the art of self-expression through journalism & get your thoughts and ideas published in one of the UK’s only youth-led magazines, Xplode. Showcase your unique voice and make a lasting impression.

Understand how the UK operates and the importance of active citizenship. Explore your rights and responsibilities as a citizen, and learn how to engage with the democratic process, including voting and advocating for positive change.

Engage in a series of social events aimed at building connections, integrating into society, and strengthening bonds within the community. Develop lasting friendships and networks to support your personal and professional growth.

Discover the diverse range of support available to you from your local council and government. We will equip you with the knowledge and resources to access the support you may need in various aspects of your life.

Joining the Leadership Programme automatically makes you a part of the Youth Leads UK network where you’ll get even more opportunities and we’ll do all in our power to help you.

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During my time at Youth Leads I took part in many activities such as writing an article for their magazine and be a part of their social action project. These were amazing opportunities that allowed me to become more confident and help make a change locally.

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- Taha
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Key Dates

This Programme will be kicking off soon.

We'll be hosting this programme in Salford!

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Programme Info

We want to see more young people take up space in our community and hold important leadership roles which affect our communities daily!

This is an exciting, 12-week-long project which covers a wide range of areas (detailed above) starting in January 2024.

Our programmes are completely free for you to partake in. There’ll be snacks & drinks provided at every session, and we’ll support you in getting to and from sessions and pay for any travel expenses. The dates for this programme will be announced soon. Sessions take place weekly, in the evenings, between 5.30 pm & 7:00 pm. Full details will be shared with you upon signing up below.

This project is backed by CareTech Foundation and will look incredible on your long, ongoing list of achievements. We believe you’re the perfect match for this Leadership Programme and would love to have you on board!

We believe in a country where Youth Leads, and that starts right here, with you.

If you have any questions or would like a chat, please reach out to our Youth Engagement Officer, Jade Ellis,


Fill out the application form below and we’ll get back to you with all you need to get started!

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