A country where youth leads – young people feel listened to, part of their communities, and ready to make change through skills development opportunities.


Youth Leads supports young people aged 12-22 to enrich their skills, reach their potential, and influence change. We do this through peer-led programmes of volunteering, social action projects, and learning experiences, and by amplifying the voice of young people with key decision makers.



We provide energised activities, opportunities for social inclusion & support networks through new friendships.


We’re not afraid to take risks.


Working in partnership to inspire civic pride and support young people to develop as world class citizens.


Facilitating opportunities – with beneficiaries at the heart of decision making – to create lasting change through co-designed projects.


Helping and supporting young people to be the best they can be.


Skills Enrichment

We immerse young people into new and challenging environments enabling them to develop and learn new skills through:

  • Industry Insight sessions led by employers
  • Youth-led training sessions on life skills
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • Publishing Xplode Magazine

Self-Empowering Potential

We enable young people to develop through increased responsibility, opportunities and recognition. We do this through: youth-led projects, co-design and pathways to progress into senior roles.

  • Quarterly Youth-Led Social Action projects
  • Co-design of all of our activities
  • Dedicated Trustee roles on our Board for young people
  • Advertising staff roles to volunteers first

Influencing Change

We help to influence decision making across society through elevated youth voice opportunities. We work tirelessly to improve perceptions of young people, challenge decision makers and board representation through:

  • Youth focused consultations
  • Publishing positive stories of young people
  • Supporting young people to become Trustees and School Governors
  • Taking part in the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority involving policy scrutiny, challenge and support to the Mayor of Greater Manchester.


Youth Leads UK is governed by an independent Board of Trustees. You can view the charity’s annual reports and financial information on the Charity Commission website.

Our Team

Saimah Malji


Saeed Atcha MBE DL


Adam Toorawa


Lydia German


Khalil Malji


Ed Jankowski