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Supporting you with food, travel & more

We will either pay you back or make sure that you don’t need to spend your own money in the first place!

Joining Youth Leads gives you a chance to develop your skills, realise your potential and create positive change in your community!

We believe in equal opportunities and are trying to remove as many barriers to your development as possible.

It is important to us that nobody misses out on our opportunities because of money. We will support you with reasonable expenses like food and travel.

Here are the most important things you should know:

  • We can pay you back for the most cost-effective form of travel to and from sessions. Sometimes we can book and pay for the travel in advance, so you don’t have to use your own money.
  • When using public transport, you must keep all of your tickets or retain pictures of them that clearly show their cost, date & time of issue.
  • We are unable to pay you back the cost of taxis when other modes of transport are available at a lower price.
  • You must complete the Digital Expense Claim Form as soon as possible and within 30 days of the cost. This should then be submitted to a member of staff for approval.
  • If you don’t have the money upfront, let us know, and we can help you.
  • We cannot provide reimbursement for broadband or other technology used when attending a session or activity online.
  • Youth Leads UK reserves the right to deny any expense claim that does not meet the guidelines outlined in our full expenses policy.

You can read our full expenses policy here.

We are using vHelp! vHelp is an expensing platform which lets you submit expenses and keep track of them all in a simple, user-friendly way.

The first time you want to submit an expense, you will need to create a vHelp account using the button below.

Our organisation code is AS5537. Simply enter this when registering so we can see and pay your expenses!

Please speak to our Youth Engagement Team if you need any support setting up your vHelp account or submitting expenses.

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