Our Impact

Since we started out as a bunch of 15-year-olds, Youth Leads UK has supported thousands of young people across Greater Manchester to develop their skills, take on challenges and influence society for the better.

Young people are experts in identifying and solving societal issues. The past 10 years have shown us that young people have risen magnificently to the challenges of the day and we are proud of the part we have helped young people play. Here are some of our highlights!


Volunteering for Youth Leads has given me the confidence to utilise my communication and organisational skills in my local community and beyond. The role of project manager has motivated me to become a leader in my own circle and made me see how I could one day lead in my own profession.

- Claire
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My experience with Youth Leads has been a very informative and supportive one, we’ve held many sessions which have significantly benefited us not only for now, but the future as well! The engagement and support we receive as volunteers is stellar.

Abdul Quote
- Abdul
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During my time at Youth Leads I took part in many activities such as writing an article for their magazine and be a part of their social action project. These were amazing opportunities that allowed me to become more confident and help make a change locally.

Taha Quote
- Taha
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  1. Working with 25 high schools across 5 areas.
  2. 50% of our volunteer leaders are from the 30% most deprived areas.
  3. 12 young people involved in the governance of Youth Leads UK.



    in youth unemployment across Gtr. Manchester

  • 7,480

    14-20 year olds becoming more employable

  • Over 50 trees planted by our youth social action champions

  • 25,000 copies of Xplode magazine printed and distributed annually

  • An average of 25 young leaders volunteering annually

  • £4,215,864.27


  • 300 disadvantaged children now own a book after a youth-led social action project


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