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Youth Leads on Future Financial Wellbeing

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Leaders and specialists from across different sectors who will help shape the UK’s future financial wellbeing have been named.

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has named Youth Leads CEO, Saeed Atcha, who also serves as Social Mobility Commissioner as a UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing Challenge Group Member.

The group has been established to meet the goals set out in the Government-backed UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing. Saeed and other group members will help set milestones for the ten-year journey towards better financial wellbeing and will work for a six-month period to address the key strategic financial priorities for the UK.

The Government-backed UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing aims to help everyone make the most of their money and pensions.

The action-focused recommendations will be reviewed in the summer and specific delivery plans for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will then be launched by MaPS in autumn 2020.  

Caroline Siarkiewicz, Chief Executive of the Money and Pensions Service said: 

“Transforming financial wellbeing is too big a job for any one organisation or even one sector. Our UK Strategy lays down the gauntlet in terms of what the country needs to aim for and I’m delighted to see so many inspiring people ready to join us and take up the challenge.  

“The Challenge Chairs are also leading by example and, on behalf of their organisations, setting the scene for many more across the UK to support the delivery plans to make a difference to financial wellbeing over the next decade.” 

Speaking after the first meeting today, Saeed Atcha, CEO of Youth Leads UK said: 

“It’s not right that 5.3 million children are missing out on meaningful financial education and 11.5 million people have less than £100 in savings. This needs to change.”

“I’m thrilled to become a member and after our first meeting I’m buoyed by the commitment of our group to include the voice of young people across this six-month programme – it’s only right that young people are given a say in decisions that may affect them.”

For more information, see the Money and Pensions Service website.