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Youth Leads UK Signs Up to Public Health Pledge

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Youth Leads UK has announced it has signed up to a new charter to protect public health by ensuring workplace cleaning standards reduce the spread of viruses such as coronavirus.

The award-winning charity has committed to the Safer Working Charter launched by the Safer Disinfectant Network, a collaboration of specialists in infection prevention and control. The Charter encourages businesses and charities to meet the same type of best practice as performed in the NHS to reduce the risk posed by highly transmissible viruses.

Whilst all regions have recorded a rise in Covid-19 cases, the North-West has had the highest proportion of people of any region in England likely to test positive for the virus. Youth Leads has urged other businesses and charities in the North to sign the Charter, committing to its principles and following basic precautionary measures, such as the cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces. Adhering to best practice hygiene procedures means the opportunity for diseases to spread is significantly reduced, lowering the risk of transmission in shared spaces by up to 85 per cent.

Saeed Atcha MBE DL, CEO of Youth Leads and NHS Non-Executive Director, said:

“The last year has been tough on everyone, particularly young people. As we hopefully return to normal, we recognise the importance of continuing to follow best practice, not only to reduce the risks from Covid, flu and norovirus, but provide reassurance to young people and their families. We’re pleased to be supporting the Safer Working Charter, and I would encourage other charities and businesses to sign up to its advice. I hope that the country’s increased cleanliness and focus on hygiene is one thing that remains.”

A spokesperson for the Safer Disinfectant Network said:

“Surface cleaning and disinfection can reduce the risk of virus transmission by up to 85 percent. We’ve seen its importance through the last year, and it’s vital the behaviours we’ve learned don’t now fall by the wayside. Youth Leads is setting a great example by supporting the Safer Working Charter. Businesses and charities can help protect their workforces, customers and the communities they support by following what is best practice – and by ensuring they’re using products that can have been properly tested and proven to deliver the protection they claim.”

Included in the Charter is the commitment to regularly cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces and objects, and the use of disinfectant products that have been laboratory-tested to ensure they provide the protection they claim on their packaging.

The Safer Disinfectant Network has warned that abandoning hygiene and cleaning practices adopted during the pandemic could leave the public vulnerable to other viruses and illnesses, including flu and norovirus.

Organisations wishing to sign up to the Safer Working Charter can find more information at