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5 Swaps For Sustainable Snacks

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We all know that guilty feeling, after indulging in a snack only to discover it contains the demon ingredient. Palm oil. None of us want to be part of a food chain responsible for destroying rainforests, but how do we replace it? It’s actually easier than it seems- with far more sustainable items hiding behind big brands. It’s competition time!

Meridian Magic

Image Credit: Meridian

Nutella’s finally met its match: Meridian. With a variety of spreads and butters, including chocolate, Meridian’s the stuff to spread on your toast!

Nestle’s Negotiation

Image Credit: Nestle

There’s a multitude of palm-oil free chocolate out there, but it’s always expensive and never in shops. The next best thing’s a common, affordable brand committed to RSPO (The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil aims to transform markets, making sustainable palm oil the norm) and Nestle fits perfectly!

Battle of the Breads

Image Credit: Warburtons

Us Brits adore bread, 99.8% of us buy it! Iceland appears the top dog, having removed palm oil from their own-brand foods. But Iceland’s statistically one of the least visited supermarkets, so Warburtons wins this race: almost all of their products palm-oil free.

Koyo’s Convenience

Image Credit: Koyo

We all have instant noodles in our cupboards, the simple snack everyone loves. Palm oil is roughly 20% of the weight of one packet, but Koyo’ve got it covered. Affordable, free-from palm oil, noodles found in the ethical aisle, or on amazon!

Marvellous Mornflakes

Image Credit: Mornflake

Whether it’s breakfast or a quick snack, cornflakes are a much- craved item. With big brands like Kellogs using palm oil, Mornflakes are found hiding at the back of the shelves, but these oats and cornflakes are the final swap for sustainable snacks!

By Yasmin Morgan

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