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Response to Bolton Coronavirus rates

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Bolton-based charity Youth Leads UK are launching a campaign to help stop the spread of Coronavirus in the town with the highest number of cases in England.

Young people will be able to get free face masks and will be targeted with a social media and on-street advertising campaign urging them to #ReduceItOrLoseIt.

The campaign comes as 90% of those infected are between the ages of 18 and 49. The aim is to avoid a fuller local ‘lockdown’ by urging young people to reduce the number of people they see or places they visit by one or two or risk losing the ability altogether.

Young people can order their free masks by visiting this link and advertisements will soon be popping up in social feeds reminding young people of the three key pieces of guidance:

  • Mask Up
  • Keep Your Distance
  • Get Tested

Saeed Atcha MBE DL, CEO of Youth Leads UK said: “I want to echo the calls by local leaders to urge everybody to play their part. We know that young people are being infected and passing the virus on. What is important now is to reduce the rate as quickly as possible. We don’t think the stay at home message will resonate with young people who overwhelmingly work in the hospitality industry and that’s why we’re urging them to make small changes, which at scale will make a big difference. Remember: Mask Up, Keep Your Distance & Get Tested.”


The campaign will run until the end of September. The reusable masks are available to those aged 30 and under and will be sent out first class on the day the orders come in.