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Lydia German shared her journey as a communications professional at the Lancashire Wildlife Trust in a virtual workshop with young people enrolled in the Youth Leads UK Leadership Programme

‘Industry Insight Sessions’ are a vital aspect of the Leadership Programme. They allow young people to speak to industry professionals and learn more about a particular industry they may want to know about for their future careers.

Six young people attended the session virtually, touching on their future aspirations, such as working in tech, hosting radio shows, and changing education policies. Lydia, who also serves as a Trustee of Youth Leads UK after starting as a programme participant, touched on how the programme was a vital aspect of her journey and led her to her current role. Young people had the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the media and communications industry thanks to Lydia’s knowledge and experience in this area. 

Participants asked questions to strengthen their understanding of some stand-out topics from the session, such as climate change, environmental conservation, and Lydia’s experience with media interviews. 

Lydia German, Senior Communications and Content Officer at Lancashire Wildlife Trust, said:

“I really enjoyed speaking to the programme participants about my career. This year marks ten years since I started volunteering with Youth Leads, and there’s no doubt that my experience then set me up for my career now, so it was nice to look back and reflect. I think it’s important to show young people that there’s no linear route into the industry. These sessions are important as one of my previous employers ran an Industry Insight session for us years ago, so that’s how I found out about the company – you never know what opportunities lie ahead!”

Raza, 16, a young person who attended, said:

“Yesterday’s industry insight session was captivating. A significant takeaway was the understanding that every young and motivated individual possesses the capacity to accomplish anything with a clear vision for change. Whether it’s related to the environment, education, technology, or beyond, nurturing a visionary mindset is crucial to driving impactful transformation.”

Saeed Atcha MBE DL, CEO and Founder of Youth Leads UK, said:

“I believe young people deserve to have a wealth of opportunities to enrich their lives. The Industry Insights sessions were developed for this very purpose, and I am delighted that our young people have learnt a great deal from this last session. A big thank you to Lydia, who I have known and worked with for over a decade, for taking the time to talk to our young people and joining us in making their lives more meaningful!”

The Industry Insights sessions aim to enrich young people’s lives and honours the Youth Leads UK belief – that young people have the power to make a difference and deserve to have their voices amplified and listened to so they can make positive changes around them.