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Young people have created their own campaigns to promote safety online, on topics such as relationships, security and cyber-bullying.

Youth Leads UK gathered a group of young people to develop the multimedia campaign which included a social media campaign, two posters and two films. 

Focus groups were held in Bolton at Essa Academy, Ladybridge High School and Bolton College to understand more about the issues young people face. The findings showed a need to focus on cyberbullying, sending explicit images, online security, and online relationships.

The project was commissioned by Bolton Together, who wanted to engage more youth voices across Bolton. Campaign materials were shared with youth services, Youth Leads UK’s social media channels and on Bolton Together’s website.

Umama, Project Participant, said:

“I think it’s important to keep young people safe because it’s harder to control what happens online, and it’s easier for them to get into danger, so educating is the easiest way. Through the project, I learned different methods to deal with certain situations that may occur online, for example, if pictures are being shared without consent.” 

Ruqayya, Project Participant, said:

“I learned through the project the importance of checking in on your friends. How even though you may spend a lot of time with them, they may be struggling with something else behind closed doors.” 

Louise McDade, Chief Executive of Bolton Together, said:

“Bolton Together commissioned Youth Leads UK to produce the online materials due to their track record in engaging with local young people and empowering them in the design and delivery process and the high quality of the materials they produce.  We are delighted with the final materials which we have disseminated widely and are effective in getting key messages out to our target group of parents and children.”

Online Safety Poster

OSI Parents Poster


Online Relationships Poster

YL BT OSI - Helathy Relationships Poster (1)


Cyber Bullying Poster

YL_BT OSI - Cyberbullying Poster


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