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10 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Cycling!

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There’s an epidemic at the moment, a bug that’s spreading around and I’m not sorry to say that I have become subject to its awesomeness. That bug… is the cycling bug. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but at the moment, there’s a huge number of people scooting around the roads and local parks on bikes.

So, here’s a short list of 10 reasons why I think you should cycle…

It gets you out of the house

Away from your phone, your computer and the TV. Now, I know that may sound like the beginning of a horror film for many of you but actually, it can be very freeing to just have a little while without these distractions. Try it and see how much it clears your head.

It’s good for your health

Not only is cycling enjoyable, it’s also really good for your health. As well as building up those muscles, cycling also improves your cardiovascular fitness and can improve your joint muscles as well as strengthening your bones!

A good way to get around

Cycling is a really good way of getting about. You can get to town or your friends houses faster and you won’t have to beg your parents for a lift!

Better for the climate

If you cycle more to get about, then you’re using cars and public transport less, which means that you’re releasing less emissions. This means that you are reducing your carbon footprint and being eco-friendly! Just think of all those polar bears…

It’s FREE!

Once you’ve got your bike, the rest is free. Unlike using a gym or a local leisure centre, every time you hop on your bike, it’s completely free!

It’s easy!

There are loads of great cycle paths out there for you to get on and many of them have really pretty scenery and you might even spot some wildlife on your way!

Your friends can come too!

Cycling can also be sociable. Grab a friend and take them with you, its something different that you can do together, instead of just going to the cinema (again!) or into town (for the fifth time that week!)

Take Control

It gives you independence! You don’t have to rely on your parents or a bus to get to places; you can take the control and do it yourself!

You can explore

It gives you a chance to explore around your area or when you’re out and about. You can travel further and investigate more when you’re on a bike so you can find little nooks and crannies that you didn’t know existed!

And finally,

It’s so fun! It’s exciting and it gives you a sense of freedom!

So, there it is. 10 reasons you should get off that sofa and onto that bike.

Have fun and remember to ride safe (helmets may not be the trendiest accessory but they’ll stop you’re noggin from getting mushed)

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