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Clean Skin And Clean Planet?

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We all know the struggle of taking care of our skin, especially as teens, there a few main things we need to think about before buying products. The ingredients, the packaging, the company’s values, and consumption needs. So ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you know the ingredients and what effect they have on the planet?
  • Do you know whether your packaging is sustainable and able to be recycled or reused? 
  • Do you know whether the company your buying from is ethical and strives for a better world? 
  • Do you need that product? 

If your skin care products either doesn’t have the most sustainable ingredients, cannot be recycled and is branded under an unethical company, you may want to consider switching. Here are a few of the most sustainable skin care brands: 

Youth To The People

‘Youth To The People’, is an amazing brand – and their products are – both sustainable and effective. They use only glass packaging with no alloys meaning they can be recycled an infinite number of times. They use vegetable ink which can easily be scrubbed off the packaging, allowing the bottle to be reused however you like. And they rarely ship internationally, however when they do, they partner up with the company Sephora and deal the products out in mass shipment which then hugely cuts down the carbon footprint. 

Krave Beauty

‘Krave Beauty’, make sustainability the focus of the brand. They don’t constantly make new products meaning that there is less overbuying. Krave also started a campaign for sustainable packaging, which is also amazing, and they have recycling guides on the best ways to recycle. They have also donated funds to renewable energy, and two percent of their product the ‘great barrier relief’ goes towards conservation of the great barrier reef.

The Ordinary

‘The ordinary’, are probably – one of the – most affordable, sustainable and effective brands out there. They use clear, glass packaging, which is extremely easy to recycle and can also be recycled an infinite number of times. Deciem, the parent company of The Ordinary, is not focused on sales, but instead on helping people because of the low prices of the products and ethical benefits of the ordinary. As well as this in November 2019, the ordinary pushed the idea of not buying in excess. On black Friday, Deciem closed their shop because of people’s usual overbuying tendencies on this day.


Kinship‘ is a brand that uses recycled plastic from the ocean to make their packaging, as of December 2019, they collected 1.5 tons of plastic. On the back of all products is a code which, when scanned, can tell you where the packaging materials come from. They also use sustainable and clear products sharing exactly what’s in the bottle. 

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what sustainable skincare brands are best to use! Give them a try and see what you think – it’s better for your skin and for the planet! 

*Please bear in mind that products will show varied results from person to person. Always be sure to test the products and carry out your own research before applying.

Written By: Ethan Gregory

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