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How To Dress For Success – Job Interviews

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Interviews are pretty nerve wrecking, I reckon. Going for an interview requires our sales game to be strong to impress the interviewer. It is pretty scary but hey, there is one thing you can do that wins at least half the game, and that is to dress for success!

Send An Email Asking For The Dress Code

Before attending your interview, send them an email enquiring about the dress code. Asking this will show that you respect the company’s dress code.


Personal Grooming

Be it neatly trimming the sides of your beard or tying your hair into a ponytail; it is important that you look neat for your interview. This is crucial because an untidy candidate indicates to the interviewer that you do not care about your looks and if that is the case it also means you would not care about the Company’s image. If you are unsure whether you look presentable enough, you could ask a friend or your parents for their opinion, and then you’re good to go!

Showcase A Little About Yourself

I know, your interview may require you to dress in boring white shirt and black bottoms. But, you can still style it your way and showcase your personality by donning on a simple bracelet or a pair of cute earrings. It is an interview that after all wants to know about you and your unique self will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates.


An interview isn’t as difficult as it seems, you’ve nailed the first step! You can’t control how the interviewer will perceive you, but you can control your own general dressing and how you would like to portray yourself! Good luck!

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