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The Top Five Tips For Reducing Food Waste

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Food waste – everyone makes it, and most of us know we do, but how do we stop? This article covers the tips and tricks to stop polluting our planet and making it less wasteful.

Save Your Scraps!

One of the easiest ways to reduce food waste is to save your leftovers. Let me give you an example – there’s spaghetti that’s been left from last night. Instead of throwing it away, why not put it in the fridge and save it for another night? You’d be surprised how much food you’d save!

Growing Fruits and Veg

Growing your own fruit and vegetables can sound daunting but in reality, a lot of it is really simple. In most cases you take the seed from a vegetable or fruit and just pop it in the ground.

The video linked below covers fruit which, in my opinion, is harder to grow than veg. But, if you keep persevering by propagating, sowing, you’ll have a tiny fruit and vegetable garden in no time!

Propagating Seeds

Similar to the last tip, propagating seeds of vegetables such as avocados can be useful in the long run. Even though it takes a while, having avocados and other vegetables at your home can save you money, time and you can have the satisfaction of knowing you cut down on your carbon footprint!


Composting is an excellent way of getting rid of things you can’t eat and making them into food for your plants. This could even relate to tip 2, growing fruits and vegetables, because using your own compost would be a lot more efficient and environmentally friendly. All you need is soil, scraps and some worms to make nutritious compost for your plants! A google search tells you what waste is compostable too – the one I found most surprising were eggshells!

Spreading the Word!

By using these tips and spreading what you’ve done and what you’ve learned along the way is the gift that will keep on giving. Share images on Instagram, write a blog; anything that will reach people will make a great impact!

Written By: Vinnie Gray

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