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Youth Media Leaders Showcase Public Health Campaigns

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Young people on the Youth Media Leaders Programme at Youth Leads UK showcased their Public Health campaigns to local decision makers. The showcase event, held at Bolton Central Library was the culmination of a 12 week programme of skills building activities, industry insights from ITV Granada and employability workshops.

Delivered by Youth Leads UK alongside media experts, young people connected with leaders from media companies across the UK, including television, online and print media. Sessions focused on creating messaging, developing social media campaigns, graphic design and filmmaking.

Decision-makers from Bolton Council’s Public Health, Children’s and Adult’s Services and Youth Voice teams were presented with the five campaigns that covered sexual health, social media pressure, suicide and substance misuse. All campaigns were designed and delivered by young people.

Saeed Atcha MBE DL, CEO of Youth Leads UK said:

Congratulations and well done to the inspiring young people who’ve designed some brilliant campaigns on issues that matter to them and their peers. This is just the start of a collaboration where young people can influence change on a wider scale by working with decision makers to ensure they have a say in matters that affect them.

Bolton Council have offered work experience opportunities to all young people and their campaigns will be shared as part of a marketing campaign over the coming months.

The next cohort of Youth Media Leaders will be opening for applications soon. Keep an eye on Youth Leads UK’s social channels for updates.

The campaigns

Safe Sex is Self-Power – Aaliah Patel

An STI is diagnosed in a young person every 4 minutes in England. This campaign focuses on an issue young people often feel too afraid to confront and empowers them to confidently check their sexual health and engage in healthy sexual activities without resulting in self-shame.

Just Listen – Ummay Shabbir

Just Listen is a short series of videos featuring a handful of anonymous stories from people aged 15 – 25. The aim is to raise awareness for the mental health of young people and to show that the long term effects of covid on mental health aren’t over yet.

Be Smart, Don’t Start – Huda Kamal

Among 15 year olds in the UK, 1 in 10 will have used hard drugs. This campaign explores peer pressure, the normalisation of drug use and the damaging sides to drugs, offering teens who may be struggling with support.

It’s Never Too Late – Ahmad Nadeem

Around 200 young people die by suicide every year. This campaign looks at where young people can receive support and what interventions can take place.

Love who? – Karima Kedir

The average daily screen time for a teenager is 8 hours. ⅓ of a day. The content displays and standards set are unrealistic and detrimental. It is a significant part of this decade, leaving long lasting effects, ‘Love Who?’ urges young people to love themselves instead of the images on their screen.