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Bad day? My Top 10 Tips To Help

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I’ve been wanting to write this article for such a long time now due to the fact that so many of us have some bad days. I would say I have such a happy go lucky persona, where many days I’m positive but like everyone I have my own bad days.

Most of the time my stress is the main thing that causes me to be upset. Or even my anxiety which stops me from doing things I’d like to do. On the other hand, sometimes I have bad days where I have this feeling in my stomach in which I could cry at any moment. When I have a bad day I try so many things to overcome it. Many methods have worked which I want to share with you. I’m not saying all these tips are guaranteed to make you feel 100% better but I have a strong feeling that one or two of them will help you out!

Its better to pick which ones will work best for you as an individual because we’re all different.

The top 10 tips: to get through any bad day!

Take a long walk

When I have a bad day, I often go walking for a while with my mum and it really seems to help me. Sometimes it might seem like a forced activity to go for a walk but once you really get into it, it runs smoothly and it feels mildly calming. For me, the feeling I get when I walk through the door after a 5 or 10k walk (which takes me about an hour) is such an accomplished feeling and just walking for an hour makes your brain happy and stops bad thoughts.

Read a new book/ current book

 I love reading! Which means when I wake up and the day just isn’t going well, I just tend to chill and read a good book. This is a good idea because it takes your mind of your own world and you can grasp other characters’ feelings and emotions rather than your own. It takes your mind else where.

Be thankful

I always take a minute to sit there and think of all the things I should be thankful for. The good reasons of life. Also, what impact I’ve had on others and the people that are always there for me. I’m thankful and some how the bad feelings seem to go away.

Run yourself a bubble bath

A long soak in a hot bubble bath (preferably with a Lush bath bomb) makes me feel so refreshed and chilled. I like to shave my legs, put lush snow fairy body wash on and cleanse my hair, sometimes add in a cheeky face mask – just really pamper myself. I find I can really overthink in general, so I would recommend distracting yourself whilst in the bath. Maybe watch your favourite TV show on your laptop and balance it on the vanity unit or read a book. Don’t let your mind wander or you’ll just find something to worry about or create a problem that doesn’t exist.

Meet up with a friend

I know we all like to stay inside all day under a blanket when you’re feeling bad instead of going out. But why not go and see a friend instead? Mix between chilling and keeping busy. Rushing around and having loads of plans is just going to stress you out. Just don’t isolate yourself and not move from one spot all day, it will probably make you feel worse.

Make a simple plan, that’s not too far from home. Maybe just go out and meet a friend, go to a coffee shop or the cinema. Chat about things your excited about, and what good stuff is going on in their life. You will probably find you start to feel better. Also, don’t we all love getting into a pretty outfit and putting a bit of lippy on to spend the day with your friends – I love that!

Listen to your favourite music

I mean happy music, don’t go onto Spotify and type in ‘sad songs’. I feel if you put on a really good playlist it puts you in such a good mood. Music can be so powerful. Something that is upbeat and really lyrical will get you singing along. I love to get the lyrics up and have a sing along. Which sounds really sad but it really cheers me up.

Have a good night’s sleep

Don’t push yourself to stay up really late drowning your sorrows with ice cream. Get an early night, maybe read a chapter or two and then go to sleep early. Really make an effort to not go on social media or look at any screens at least an hour before you go to sleep. Says me the one writing an article at 10 pm on a Wednesday lol. Its honestly impossible to sleep easy at night after looking at a bright screen for so long. It makes the brain stay awake!!

Talk to someone about how you feel

Don’t cover up your emotions it will just cause you to feel worse. You are better of telling a friend or a family member. This really works for me as it releases the negativity and its always good to have a cry sometimes. It releases built up hormones within.

Hug someone

I know that sounds silly but its always great to give body contact to someone you care about. It’s a therapeutic energy to ‘human’ touch someone else. So go out and give a close friend a hug or a quick embrace – it will make you feel better as well as them! ♥

Sign out of social media

It’s so draining to look through Facebook sometimes. It doesn’t make you feel any good when you’re continually comparing yourself to your peers. I’ve been doing this often in the last few months because social media is creating feelings of inadequacy and doubt. But always keep in mind that most people are always going to put their best forward. So don’t compare your inner beauty to somebody else’s outer appearance.

I hope this post helps some of you. If you’re having a bad day today, just remember, it’s a bad day not a bad life and its okay to be feeling the way you are, life isn’t perfect, but it will have some perfect memories.

By Chloe Wilson

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