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Top 5 FREE Fitness Apps

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Gym membership is as expensive as ever. You need the latest headphones, stylish running gear and even a personal trainer to force you to actually use it all. And after all this, it only lasts a few days before you slip back into the routine of sleeping in late and the gym being a laughing joke. So here are 5 apps that you can use in the comfort of your own home: whatever time, however long and completely free.


This is truly my go-to workout app. Even when juggling A Level exams, I try to squeeze in one of these 7-minute workouts. You can choose from loads of different workouts from arms and legs to more unique “plank pirate” or my personal favourite “abs of steel”. They only take 7 minutes and have clear instructions with the animated characters. You can even create your own if there isn’t one that takes your fancy.

Fitness Blender

The rare times I’m feeling up for more of a challenge, this website has me covered. There are thousands of workout videos from 3 minutes to 90 minutes from a slow jog to an 1000 calorie HIIT. There are even workout programs, meal plans and healthy recipes to try. It’s your own personal trainer, for free and in the comfort of your own home.


This app and website allows you to upload runs. You can track your progress, win trophies, post pictures and boast about your new PBs to all your followers. If that’s not for you, it also compares all your other runs and breaks it down into segments for you. And for non-runners, it works with cycling, swimming and walking as well.

Nike Training Club

This is my new find, and I’ve not had loads of time to try it out, but from what I’ve seen it seems pretty brilliant. There are hundreds of workout videos, with personal plans targeted towards what you want to do. There’s an option to add your own exercise in, as well as linking with the Nike running app. You can even connect it to your iTunes account to play your own playlists. And it’s all completely free somehow.

Asana Rebel

This is how all my mornings begin; I wake up with some early morning stretches. I was never really fond of yoga as an idea and am still possibly the most inflexible person to walk this earth, but Asana Rebel seemed very different from most yoga classes I’d forced myself to do. It’s more of a workout than meditation- style yoga, meaning I stretch but don’t get ridiculously bored at the same time. Once again there are loads of choices, and there are even some fun backgrounds to get distracted by.

So next time you have to renew your gym membership which you only used twice this year or you are looking at paying hundreds for a personal trainer to meet up with once a week, just look at all the free stuff already out there waiting for you.


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